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3D Modeling

Cinema 4D Organic Medical Shader Pack

Hi guys just a quick one – firstly hope you all had a good holiday season and a happy new year! I know I certainly appreciated the time off work!

Having just completed a very interesting animation demonstrating a medical procedure, I was encouraged to experiment with some of the shaders I produced and was very pleased with the results. So pleased i’ve decided to upload them and share with you

There’s some of Cinema 4D’s fabulous new SSS feature as well as displacement maps and other goodness, the shaders particularly suited for internal/organ rendering but I guess you could adapt them for any purpose really – hope you enjoy!

Download the the Organic Medical Shader pack here

Also I highly recommend downloading Joel-o-tron’s “Microfloaties Rig for Cinema 4D” if you haven’t got it already – its super neat and really adds that extra ‘wow’ to any medical animation or rendering  you might be doing – grab it here

As always thanks for reading and see you again soon!

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